Grumman J-2-F Duck R/C Model
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Welcome to the newest R/C model in my fleet.
It will be a plans built Grumman J-2-F Duck.
The paint scheme will be pre World War 2 when the U.S. Navy painted airplanes in a host of yellows, reds, silvers and blues.

At long last I have found a source for this set of plans!

Bill Northrop plans service has the rights to all of Charlie Smith's plans and has them for sale.
Now get out there and build one!
Site Updates
12/13/01 Site is up and ready to go! It looks bad right now, but as I get farther along it will shape up nice!
Stay tuned.
12/15/01 Started making some of the wing ribs. See photo page for details.
1/3/02 The first wing panel is on the jig.

1/8/02 Happy new year!! I took a week off work to work on the Duck. Sick aint I! See the photos and what's new page for details.

1/23/02 Lower wing almost done. Joined wing halves last night and just have to o some minor work to finish. Next up is the landing gear.

2/5/02 Sorry about the slowdown of info. Been waiting for a wood order to arrive. I should be getting the tail section finished this weekend, and starting the retracts.
Running out of room on this page. See whats new for updates.
Last update 8/28/02

How this got started
Awhile ago I found an old set of plans for a Duck on ebay. They were from 1977 and I had never seen plans for one before so of course I snapped them up!
After I got them I could not get over how nice they were and the detail in them. I planned on building it but got side tracked with other models.
This winter I want to at least get the wings done and maybe even start the fuse.

Restored J-2-F in pre war colors
This is similar to the paint scheme I want to use. I will look through some books and find one more colorful.
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